Industria Carnii 2020 Yearbook – Interview with Adrian Neacsu, Frigotehnica CEO

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Frigotehnica, world class supplier of complex refrigeration solutions for retail and industrial use, is a 100% Romanian brand that offers complete refrigeration solutions across the country and abroad, providing assistance at all stages of a refrigeration installation development, from design to deployment and maintenance. Frigotehnica identifies and implements integrated cold, ecological, energy efficient solutions,
in step with technology, through a team with experience in this field, with focus on management expertise for expansion. In order to best meet the customer needs, the company is constantly looking for new technologies and optimization solutions to maximize efficiency, safety and quality of services. The refrigeration systems implemented by Frigotehnica are complex, energy efficient, fully automated, ensuring control and safety in operation, all for the customer’s medium and long term benefit.


Adrian Neacsu- Frigotehnica CEO

Which are the novelties from the company for this year?

Our attention remains focused on the solutions we offer to the customers. We are constantly looking for new technologies, solutions to maximize the efficiency of the installations we develop, we implement processes and work systems that help us operationally. Internally, we even created and designed a magazine, eCold Magazine, through which we follow 3 major points: Information, Involvement and Results. The aim of this project is to keep the team informed with all changes and decisions we make, highlighting the involvement of all employees in our activity and last, but not least, presenting the results we achieve together.


What development investments you have scheduled for 2021?

This year we intend to invest mainly in human resources and digital. We understand that people remain our most important resource and for that reason we invest in different training programs for our colleagues. At the same time we rely on the know-how of our colleagues with over 10-20 years of experience in the refrigeration industry and the smooth transfer of information from them to the new colleagues in the company. In terms of digital, in recent years we have focused a lot on implementing processes to improve our work. We are talking about a new ERP system, a software that helps us to integrated manage the business, to have control over operations, increase our productivity and our processes to be constantly improved. We also plan to develop a three-dimensional system that will help us to improve efficiency in our design department. Therefore, our pespectives are directed towards a qualitative and lasting development.


Which is the company`s strategy for medium and long term?

For this year we have set ambitious goals, we aim for healthy growth of the turnover and we are confident that we will achieve this through efforts, loyalty, honesty, but especially through flexibility and diversity of our solutions. Our medium-term strategy is to remain the market leader in refrigeration industry in Romania and abroad we aim, in 3 years, to become the largest contractor in Central and Eastern Europe. We already have our 2 working points in Bulgaria and Ukraine, and for this year we are pursuing a series of new projects in Europe.

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