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Frigotehnica is member  ROFMA – Romanian Facility Management Association  which is a professional nonprofit organization, aiming to bring together all Romanian specialists in property and facility management to develop a unitary vision, both theoretical and pragmatic at a high European level and to provide educational, informational and legislative support to its members. Principalele obiective

600px-by-600px-Image-6-Macbook-grnThe main objectives of ROFMA are:

  • Informating and educating the market on the content of Property and Facility Management ( PFM )
  • Developing an unitary and innovative vision of PFM
  • Creation and development of the educational framework for the training and improvement of the workers in the field and of the future applicants
  • Authorization / accreditation of experts in the field
  • Promoting the last concepts, technologies and trends at international level
  • Carrying out studies and comparative analyzes in the field of Property and Facility Management: market studies, benchmarking key performance indicators
  • Developing relationships with international affiliates
  • Including professions and occupations specific to the field in the job nomenclature ( CCO- Romanian Occupational Code )
  • Taking standards, norms and regulations that are compatible with the specificity of the Romanian market
  • Establishing and developing professional relationships, exchanging experience with relevant organizations
  • Efficient interface to the interests of the Facility Management professional community in relation to state authorities.
Frigotehnica is member AGFR – General Association of Romanian Refrigerators, which brings together individuals directly involved in the knowledge, design, production and use of artificial cold in various fileds of activity in Romania, being an interdisciplinary professional association.
600px-by-600px-Image-6-Macbook-grnThe main objectives of A.G.F.R. are:

  • Promoting modern science and technology in the field of refrigeration
  • Content education of technical staff working in the field of refrigeration
  • Encouraging the exchange of ideas between the members of the association
  • Supporting initiatives in the field of education, research, design, execution, commissioning and exploitation
  • Participation in technical regulations in the filed of refrigeration installations
  • Certification of the professional competence of individuals and economic agents
  • Supporting young people with outstanding professional qualities, sustaining the interes of the members
Frigotehnica certification:TUV ISO 9001


Frigotehnica awards:ROCA investments award

The National top of Construction Companies – 1st prize