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Adrian Neacsu

Chief Executive Officer

Adrian has been part of the Frigotehnica team since 2005, completing all stages of development within the company, with great earnestness and ambition. A graduate of the Mechanical Engineering Faculty of Bucharest Politehnica University, he has successfully coordinated major international and local projects, as well as refrigeration projects in Bulgaria, The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine and Germany, contributing to the expansion of Frigotehnica in the region.
Being a sport practitioner and interested in living a healthy life in all aspects, I have learned to clearly set my goals and achieve them. I believe in my continue development and I am glad to have around me people with strong values and principles. I feel honored to be able to coordinate this determined team, with whom I have fought from the beginning for the development of the company. We want to remain the first company in the field of refrigeration installation in Romania and internationally recognized for innovation and quality of services.

Razvan Voicu

Chief Operative Officer

With a vast experience gained in key positions ( sales, project management and top management) in leading companies – York, Sabroe and Johnson Controls, Razvan have been a significantly contributed to the development of Frigotehnica over 10 years since joining the team.
Good understanding of the evolution of customer needs, the passion for innovative solutions in the field of cold, the close collaboration with the team of designers and technicians, which I constantly coordinate, the search for new technologies and optimizations has helped us to provide our customers with efficiency, safety and quality. These efforts quickly succeeded in winning flagship projects in industry such as the first transcritical CO2 project in Romania for the retail area, followed only a few years later by the premiere of transcritical CO2 project in logistic area.
Looking forward to the future, Razvan is determined to continuously expand his knowledge in cold and to innovate permanently, helping Frigotehnica to be the top of mind company in the refrigeration industry in Romania and the region.

Adina Cotiga

Chief Financial Officer

Certified in international financial standards and Six Sigma and a graduate of Power2Manage Program of IMD Switzerland Management School, Adina joined Frigotehnica in May 2018, bringing her 18 years of international finance experience and the clarity offered by the experience of coordinating programs organizational transformation, optimization and automation of business processes in large corporations in various fields from banking to oil and gas.
In Frigotehnica we have found a family, as we like to say, open colleagues, loyal and determined to innovate in the field of cold, identifying and actively contributing to the company‘s achievements. Along with them I have been able to easily understand this not very visible field and I believe that with them, my experience will be able to make a significant contribution to the transformations we have set ourselves. Being a wife, mother and business woman, I have learned to become very organized and focused to reach the proposed results.