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Authority leader in the refrigeration industry in CEE* as a contractor


We develop refrigeration solutions that improve people’s quality of life and protect the environment


1. Integrity
– Honesty
– I am honest in what I do
– No compromises
1. Professionalism
– Facts, no words
– The culture of “well done” job
– excellence in everything I do
3. Responsibility
– I do what I say
– I assume, I care about my job
– I keep my commitments

Our mission is asociated with challenge.The main challenge is to improve the quality of people’s lives and to protect the environment in which we live. We develop solid concepts, produced at high quality standards and we bring extra benefit according to the market needs, offering multiple solutions to our customers.

Frigotehnica values gather around our team. We believe in integrity, professionalism and responsibility, but most of all, we believe in people. The basis of success is communication, honesty and compliance with commitments to us and to our clients.

Our goal is in line with our ambitions, we want to be an authority leader in this industry, a strong contractor in Central and Eastern Europe. Our most important resources remain people and the desire to be dynamic, efficient and innovative.