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Following the evolution of the natural refrigerant on the world market, we are committed to develop another completely natural, automated refrigeration project, that ensures control and safety in operation, the installation being implemented based on the CO2 refrigerant , Transcritic.

Another solution proposed for the client’s benefit was the development of a hot gas recovery system in order to heat the domestic water in the store. Basically, the system is basez on the reuse of energy and its use in the process of heating and delivery of household water to the store, a system by which we help the customer to achieve substantial savings on medium and long term.

Technical data:

  • 1 pc. Group of compact CO2 compressors (R744) operating in transcript mode in booster system, Enex:
    – LT cooling circuit capacity: 86 kW, To= -30 °C
    4 pc. LT, Dorin compressors (operating on frequency converter)
    – MT cooling circuit: 273 kW, To= -3 °C
    4 pc. MT, Dorin compressors (operating on frequency converter)
    2 pc. Parallel compressor, Dorin
  • 2 pc. Gascooler, Guntner
  • 1 pc. Desuperheater, Guntner
  •  33 pc. CO2 vaporizers in special construction for high pressure operation, Guntner
  • 97 pc. CO@ refrigerated display cases in special construction for high pressure operation
  • Electrical panels for automation and control
  • Monitoring and control system, Carel
  • CO2 leak detection and alarm system
  • Valve station, fittings, safety elements for high pressures
  • The pipe routes have been made of copper or drawn stainless steel with elastomeric insulation
  • Technical project according to the norms in force
  • Special grafic interface made in accordance with Selgros requirements.

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